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member password!!!

guys please don’t banned this accounts plz plz okey this is rules

rules 1:

don’t banned this account if you banned i can use my trainer to banned your accounts its real no banned……

rules 2:

if you banned this accounts i can’t give you more money

Β to your account

rules 3 :

Note:If your account gets banned forever i am not responsible for that.

this 3 rules is important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The club penguin team

P.s Comment your penguins that you dont want anymore!


47 Responses to "member password!!!"

hi how do i get the password a user ???

i like this site igot it fromthe you-tube video you did its KOOL πŸ™‚

Name: Dylan Max Pass: dylan

wats a member password????

jk i know member passwords

User:copey10 Pass:copey

Hey! here is ONE MEMBER ACCOUNT! its ultimate safe chat mode so it will not get banned! USERNAME:julia3232 PASS:julia there ya go! oh DONT BANN OR YOUR A FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD BYE PS DONT BANN OR YOUR A BIG FUCKER! OH YEH GO TO SITE ITS CALLED!

Hey billybob thats mean and I dont even think u r billybob

Hi Penguins its me G Billy

Username:G Billy

Try to guess my password.Bye

-G Billy


why are u saying that bad words u are all mean πŸ˜›

i am just kidding guys πŸ˜›

really guys u are too funny:)

i will give you my password but give me your password ok :> plzzzzzzz

username:cuty man password:******* take it looooool πŸ™‚


i will play in clubpenguin bbye snow bound bbye

iam bad boy

Ummmm,I know your not billybob and your not G billy HAHAHAHAH!

will you tell your username and password

Who could find out my password?

is a member and got 100000 coins.

And a cool igloo.And who ever try to banned me that know my password is a DUM BITCH FAT ASS!


hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

DONT BAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

usnm: redhotidy
pass: qwerty1234

DONT BAN !!!!!!!!

usnm: redhotidy
pass: qwerty1234

hey here is a username:luckystar34 password:******

my password for luckystar is chizzy i think try eezy then izzy

you guys this is for member paswords

what you little mother fokig bitchs sunever shit get your flippen arse out of this f world!!!!

Plz tell me πŸ™‚

my name is:uhellugly pass:you a bitch fucker. thats it ok bye bye

i’ll give yuo my pass if u give me yours(:

i fuck your passwords and send it to member with this side

can you gimme a member account plz plz plz plz

heres mine charizard274 pasword is the password

phsyc thats realy not the pass if u want the pass comment at or email me at

hey not fare you guys

this crap dont work


thz so much man

PLEASE BANNED THIS ACCOUNT:U:alex e mare P: salut. PLZZZZZZZZZ BANNED FOREVER HIM!!!!!!!!!!! is not a member.

go on my sites plz
thanx. if u dont go on them then u suck

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